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Sedation Dentistry in North Edmonton

Sedation Dentistry Near You

Are you looking to for ways to sit in the dentist’s chair without any fear or anxiety? Sedation dentistry in Edmonton may be the answer for you, especially if you find yourself looking into wisdom tooth removal and dental implants. Sedation dentistry is especially helpful for those dental treatments.

Many people experience various issues while visiting the dentist such as pain, anxiety, sensitive teeth, or a triggered gag reflex. To make your visit as comfortable as possible, our team here at Henday Dental offers dental sedation near you. You can experience a world of difference and even change your opinion about visiting the dentist.

Sedation Dentistry in North Edmonton

Making Your Appointment As Comfortable As Possible

In any case, avoiding regular dental checkups can be detrimental to your oral health. Therefore, regardless of which approach you and your dentist agree on, we are here to help to ease your dental anxiety.

Our sedation choices are ideal if you:

  • Have a severe gag reflex
  • Have teeth that are prone to sensitivity
  • Have a low tolerance for pain
  • Find it difficult to sit still for extended periods
  • Are uncomfortable with needles (for IV sedation)
Sedation Dentistry Near You

Types of Sedation

Instead of numbing a specific area or putting you to sleep, our sedation options aim to help you relax and reduce overall anxiety during dental treatment. The two types of sedation dentistry in Edmonton are:


Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a popular option for children and individuals with dental anxiety. It involves wearing a mask over your nose through which you inhale the gas. It induces a sense of relaxation and mild euphoria, often leading to a lighthearted and giggly feeling.

Your Edmonton dentist can easily control the gas flow, and you’ll remain conscious throughout the procedure. You can also let your dentist know to increase or decrease the dosage if you still feel pain or discomfort. After the procedure, there are usually no long-lasting effects, and you can resume your day as normal.


Oral conscious sedation is a more advanced form of sedation. You take a pill about an hour before your procedure, and the dosage varies based on the type of work you’re having done. The pill will make you drowsy and relaxed, though you should remain awake.

In certain instances, the relaxation induced by oral sedation may be so profound that you might even drift off to sleep, and a gentle shake will awaken you when the visit is over. Oral sedation is a beneficial option for lengthier dental procedures. However, after the visit, you may still experience drowsiness, so it is advisable to have someone accompany you to ensure a safe journey home.


IV sedation in dentistry involves administering sedative medication through a small needle placed in the patient’s vein, inducing a state of deep relaxation and drowsiness. It is a safe and effective method for patients who experience dental anxiety or require complex procedures.

Under IV sedation, patients remain conscious but are less aware of their surroundings, making the dental experience more comfortable and stress-free. The level of sedation can be adjusted as needed, ensuring a controlled and monitored state throughout the dental treatment.


A combination of nitrous oxide and oral sedation is a common approach in dentistry to provide enhanced relaxation and comfort for patients with dental anxiety or phobia. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is inhaled through a mask and induces a sense of calmness and reduced anxiety during the

Oral sedation involves taking prescribed medications before the appointment to create a deeper level of relaxation. When used together, these sedation methods can offer a more profound and reassuring experience, allowing patients to undergo dental treatments with ease and minimal stress.

Safety is always our top priority when it comes to sedation.

Allergies, pregnancy, and medications are crucial factors to consider in sedation dentistry. Therefore, we always review your medical history and inquire about any relevant information before proceeding with any sedation-based dental procedures.

Are You Considering Dental Sedation Near You?

Contact us at Henday Dental to book a consultation where we can work with you to determine if sedation dentistry in Edmonton is the right choice for you and your family.