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Emergency Dentist in North Edmonton

Emergency Dentist Near You

Are you wondering if there is an emergency dentist near you? Our team at Henday Dental is ready for any dental emergency in North Edmonton! We know that dental emergencies can be stressful and uncomfortable, so we do our best to offer you an appointment on the same day you call.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule an emergency appointment at our North East Edmonton dental clinic at Henday Dental. We’re here to help! Our goal is to find a solution that will relieve your pain and ensure your comfort. Dental emergencies, even if they seem minor, may indicate an underlying issue that could worsen over time.


If you are uncertain if you’re experiencing a dental emergency, you can consider asking yourself a few questions:

  • Do you notice any bleeding from your oral cavity?
  • Are you experiencing severe discomfort?
  • Do you have any teeth that seem unstable?
  • Have you sustained any injuries to your face or mouth?
  • Is there any inflammation in your oral cavity or on your facial area?
  • Have you noticed any bumps, swelling, or bulges on your gum tissue?
  • Do you feel pain when chewing or when exposed to hot or cold substances?
  • It’s vital to describe your symptoms and the situation so that we can give you an assessment. After the emergency appointment, we can schedule you for a follow-up visit to address the underlying issue and prevent future problems.


Intense Toothache

Experiencing intense toothache is a common dental emergency and may suggest an infection within or around the tooth. Furthermore, discomfort can arise from wisdom teeth exerting pressure.

Damaged, Fractured, or Split Teeth

If your tooth has a chip but is not causing significant pain, it generally doesn’t demand immediate dental attention. You can wait a few days before seeing a dentist. However, it’s important to be cautious while eating to prevent further damage to the tooth.

Such injuries often indicate damage to both the inside and outside of the tooth, and severe fractures may result in tooth loss. If you experience a fractured tooth, contact us for immediately to schedule an appointment for emergency dentistry in Edmonton.

Issues with Temporary Dental Repairs

When you misplace a temporary crown, it is typically not classified as a dental emergency, but it is crucial to reattach it promptly to avoid additional harm to the tooth.

Dislodged Tooth

When a tooth is knocked out, it is crucial to promptly seek dental attention, as this qualifies as a dental emergency. Taking swift action can enhance the chances of saving the tooth.

Loose Tooth, Tooth Misalignment

If you become aware that one of your adult teeth is not securely attached or has moved out of its usual position, it is crucial to reach out to us promptly for an emergency visit. Even if you are experiencing minimal pain or discomfort, this condition qualifies since postponing treatment could lead to tooth loss.

Looking for an Emergency Dentist Near You?

Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist in Edmonton as soon as possible. Following your emergency appointment, we schedule you for a follow-up visit to address the underlying problem and discuss any long-term dental issues that may need attention. This approach helps prevent recurring problems and ensures a healthy, happy smile.