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Dental Cleanings and Checkups in North Edmonton

Dental Cleanings and Checkups Near You

Are you looking for a dental office where you can receive regular dental checkups and cleanings in Edmonton? They are crucial for maintaining your oral health. Our goal is to provide you with the care and attention you need to keep you healthy and free of any dental issues. We prioritize your oral health and work with you to preserve it for the long term.

What can your professional Edmonton dentist do for you?

Detect Decay

At Henday Dental, our checkup process begins with a comprehensive assessment to detect any indications of tooth decay, erosion, or other forms of damage. Through the use of x-rays, we can identify potential issues that may not be immediately apparent, followed by a detailed visual examination of your teeth, with a particular emphasis on areas susceptible to decay.

Assess Gum Health

Throughout the checkup, we inquire about your gum health, aiming to identify any indications of gum disease. Thoroughly examining your gums, we utilize state-of-the-art x-ray technology for detailed imaging, enabling us to detect early signs of disease. Our experienced dental team possesses the expertise to recognize symptoms of gum disease and recession.

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Create a Treatment Plan

Following the examination, we provide clear explanations of any dental issues and collaborate with you to devise a treatment plan tailored to address the identified concerns. Additionally, we engage in discussions regarding potential cosmetic dentistry services that may capture your interest, and we schedule subsequent appointments to ensure consistent and comprehensive dental care.

Regular Cleanings

Consistent dental cleanings play a crucial role in preserving oral health. Our skilled dental hygienists diligently eliminate the buildup of plaque and tartar, even when your daily dental care routine may not completely prevent it. With their expertise, they pinpoint any areas of concern and promptly inform your dentist for further evaluation and necessary action. This service helps to ensure better oral health until your next dental cleaning in Edmonton.

Deep Cleanings

To address more advanced cases of plaque and tartar buildup, we employ specialized techniques, including laser-assisted deep cleaning. This highly effective procedure precisely eliminates stubborn plaque deposits, promoting the strength and vitality of your teeth.
Additionally, scaling and root planing may be utilized to eradicate tartar buildup and create smoother tooth surfaces. Following the comprehensive deep cleaning, your teeth and gums experience improved health and are better equipped to maintain their optimal condition until your next scheduled dental appointment.

Receive dental cleanings and checkups near you and feel confident in your smile!

Our team here at Henday Dental continually hone their skills and attend educational courses which makes us a good choice for dental cleanings in Edmonton! We provide our patients with the latest and most effective services and procedures tailored to each individual patient’s needs.